Learn more about our smooth eye laser treatment 

Are you worried about baggy eyes? Do they droop low and cause you to feel less confident? Maybe you want to treat yourself to a treatment that is non-invasive and gives you a confidence boost?

At Pure Aesthetics 365 one of our most popular treatment is our smooth eye laser treatment. Offering comfort at all times, this treatment uses a laser to improve elasticity, reduced wrinkles and improve the overall structure and volume of the eye area.

This non-invasive method requires no down time, so you can get back to your day once treatment is complete. It’s also incredibly affordable at just £295 per treatment for upper and lower eyes or £600 for a course of 3, which saves you £285.

Whatever treatment you choose to have with Pure Aesthetics 365, we promise you’ll be in good hands with thanks to our warm and friendly staff. We’ll always talk you through the whole process before anything goes ahead, to ensure you’re well informed and aware of the steps ahead.

Whether you want to book this treatment, or any others on our website, just follow the steps and book your appointment with us today.